Carbomart is an international on-line carbon trading platform where emission reduction project owners and developers can list their projects for the interest of carbon brokers and end-users.

We believe that the carbon credits not only serve as a financial derivative but also as an effective tool to leave a better world for the next generation. Therefore, it has to be considered along with all aspects of energy sustainability. In this context, Carbomart focuses on the environmental, social and economic benefits of emission reduction projects rather than the supply and demand correlation of value determination in the market. Furthermore, Carbomart platform facilitates informed decision-making by respective market players in their business exchanges to realize efficient and effective transactions. This way, Carbomart presents a transparent and trustworthy environment for the trade of high quality sustainable carbon credits.

Why Choose Carbomart

Buyers can

  • Access many emission reduction projects with project owners’/ developers’ revealed prices
  • Search based on project specifications
  • View general project information as regards to marketing issues
  • Download project documents to acquire detailed project information
  • Independently from standards and perform line by line project comparison
  • Reserve and buy credits on-line
  • Instruct to transfer or retire credits on the approved registry
  • Minimize the amount of paperwork for their contracts

Sellers can

  • Directly list their projects for the interest of end-users and brokers
  • Upload their marketing documents
  • View general information of other projects in support of their contemplated pricing strategy without being able to view the identity of the owner or name of the project, or location of other projects so that trade secrets of project owners and developers are kept confidential.
  • Minimize the amount of paperwork for their contracts